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Africa’s List Botswana is a platform for linking African-owned businesses and organizations, African professionals and people, and their products and services in Botswana with businesses, organizations, professionals, people, products, and services in Africa and other parts of the world. This innovative and robust platform serves as the premier online business resource for African people in Botswana, helping to create millions of opportunities, and promoting economic growth and development in Botswana, Africa, and all over the world. Through this platform, all of Africa’s 54 countries and the African diaspora community in Europe, Asia, and America become one big community. As our business is to help consumers find professionals, businesses, and products quickly, we strive to protect our users and the businesses and people that use our platform. An important component of is the review system that gives customers the ability and flexibility to review the businesses and professionals they use according to a 5-star rating scheme. Businesses and professionals with a rating of 5-star are perceived to have more fidelity and credibility than those that are unrated or lowly rated.

We offer our clients three attractive packages: Africa’s List All-Comers, Africa’s List Verified, and Africa’s A-LIST. Africa’s List Verified and Africa’s A-LIST have an extra layer of protection for customers than Africa’s List All-Comers. They have been vetted to assure that they are who they represent to be. In addition, Africa’s A-LIST has a money-back guarantee to perform based on the strict performance standards that associates listed in this category have passed. Please review our different packages and select the category that best meets your needs.

Africa’s List All-Comers-

With the Africa’s List All-Comers, customers are able to post 5 adds (with up to 5 photos) and to view adds posted. Customers who use this package are also able to access other services on, including free messaging resources. A summary of services available to customers in this category includes:

  • Up to 5 posts per month
  • Up to 5 photo images per post
  • Free listing of customer’s phone numbers
  • Free listing of Customer’s email address
  • Free listing of customer’s business address

 Africa’s List Verified- With the Africa’s List Verified, customers are offered an extra layer of protection than the Africa’s List All-Comers. Customer’s in this category are verified in terms of their actual location, line of business, business registration (or license)/ or professional license, and sign an undertaking of good conduct with Africa’s List Botswana or agents of Africa’s List Botswana. Customer’s in this category will be rigorously screened to ensure they qualify to post in this category. Benefits of this package include:

  • Unlimited posting (subject to moderation to check abuse)
  • Up to 10 images per post
  • Ability to post short video clips
  • Ability to include contact phone numbers
  • Ability to include contact email addresses
  • Ability to include customer’s business address with street view
  • Ability to list Website address
  • Includes “contact owner button” for ease of communication with customers
  • Ability to include Business Opening Hours

 Africa’s A-List- With Africa’s A-List, customers are assured high-quality service with money-back guarantee. The Africa’s A-List is a service offered by in partnership with highly vetted businesses and professionals that are associates of Africa’s List Botswana. Customer’s who wish to use this service simply fill out an inquiry form indicating the services they require and trained representatives of Africa’s List Botswana or associates will contact the requester within hours after they send their inquiry. Services include:

  • Roadside assistance (flat tire, car battery, locked cars, towing, etc.)
  • Handyman services (home/office repairs, equipment installation, masonry, painting, plumbing, etc.)
  • Other services (kitchen remodeling, wardrobe installation/remodeling, etc.
  • Money Services (money transfer between Nigeria, Ghana, USA, and Canada)

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